M2 high speed tool steel manufacturers and suppliers, supplied in round bar,square bar,flat bar,plate,sheet and wire.

M2 is molybdenum based high-speed steel in tungsten–molybdenum series which has a well balanced composition.M2 is by far the most popular high speed steel replacing T1 in most applications because of its excellent properties and relative economy.Typical applications for M2 high speed steel are twist drills, reamers, broaching tools, taps, milling tools and metal saws.

M2 High Speed Steel

Chemical Composition
Related Specification
W-Nr: 1.3343
DIN/EN: HS6-5-2
UNS: T11302
Heat Treatment
1.M2 must be annealed after hot working and before re-hardening.
2.Heat the temperature to 850°C at a rate of no more than 220°C per hour.
3.Hold at the temperature for one hour per inch of thickness(at least two hours).
4.Cool slowly in the furnace or in air to ambient temperature.
5.The resultant hardness achieved should be Max 248HBW or lower.
1.Preheat M2 to 450-500°C .then up to 850-900°C.
2.Heat to the final hardening temperature of 1200-1250°C and make sure the material must be heated through.
3.Quench in warm oil or brine,and then complete the quench in air.(care must be taken at this step)
4.M2 high speed steel is suitable for vacuum hardening.
1.Tempering must be done immediately after quenching.
2.Heat thoroughly and uniformly to the tempering temperature.
3.Hold at the temperature for at least two hours (one hour per inch of the total thickness).
4.Double tempering is required.
Delivery Condition
Shape:Round / Square / Flat Bars, Sheet, Plate,Wire.
Surface Condition:Black/Turning/grinding
Round bar
Diameter1-16mm10-50mm50-180mm 180-300mm
ProcessCold DrawnHot RolledHot ForgedFree Forging
Flat bar
Thickness1-2.5mm1.5-20mm 20-300mm
WidthMax 800mmMax 800mmMax 800mm
ProcessCold DrawnHot RolledHot Forged
Quality Assured Supply
M2 high speed steel is supplied in accordance with our ISO 9001 : 2008 registration.