Material Application

Steel is the most versatile metal that finds extensive use not only in industrial applications but also across a spectrum of our day to day life. The demand for steel is all time high in the international market. Some of the industries, where our steel find extensive application are:

No.  Application series Representative steel type Description

Petroleum machinery series

AISI4150,AISI4140,AISI4130, Valve body, valve block, 
30CrMo,4145H Drill pipe, drill collar
2 Tool mold series 1.2714,5CrMnMo,5CrNiMoV, Die casting mold, forging mold, 
1.2738,1.2311,1.2312 Plastic mold
3 Bearing series 52100,GCr15,SUJ2 Bearing ring, rolling bearing, 
Piston rod
4 Marine series 4140,42CrMo,SCM440, Marine accessories
5 Car series SAE8620,20CrNiMo, Crankshaft, gear
6 Heavy-duty transmission series 40CrNiMo,SNCM439, Port transmission parts, 
SAE4340,EN24 Helicopter rotor shaft, turbine shaft
7 Mining machinery series 655M13,826M40, Mining bit, carburizing and 
25CrMo Crushing machinery
8 Wind power gear series 18CrNiMo7-6, 17CrNiMo6, 1.6582,1.6587,SAE8620 Meet the design life of 
more than 20 years
9 Wind power spindle series 34CrNiMo6,817M40 Meet the design life of 
more than 20 years
10 Nitriding series 20MnCr5,38CrMoAl, Gear, injection molding machine 
31CrMoV9 Screw,barrel,precision components
11 Pressure vessel series 15CrMo,13CrMo4-4 Boiler, petrochemical hydrogenation 
Vessel accessories
12 Metallurgical roll series 21CrMoV5-11,W1.7225,16CrMo44V Steel rolling roller