Fuhong Special Steel

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Wuxi Fuhong Special Steel is one of leading exporter and supplier specializing in manufacturing, distributing, stockholding,exporting special steel raw material .Fuhong supplies a wide range of grades for special steel,Core product is including Engineering steel ,High speed steel, Cold work tool steel, Hot work tool steel, Plastic mould steel etc.

Founded in 1998,with more than 20 years’ industrial experience,Fuhong are still sticking to offer customers one-stop service and integrated supply chain solutions .Adhering to the business principle of win-win cooperation, Fuhong are not only delivering qualified special steel raw materials and related products, but also delivering competitive advantage to all of customers we are serving in the world.

With independent Laboratory for Elements analysis, Hardness testing, Mechanical testing, Ultrasonic testing,and strict quality control system complied to ISO 9001 certification which makes us supply high quality special steel that meet EN,DIN, AISI/ASTM ,JIS and BS national standard.Fuhong are commited to improve customer service and product quality for all kinds of industries, with advantages of technologies, equipment and price. We serve you with our honesty, integrity, and professionality.We hope our parters grow with us in a health way.

Forged Flat bar


Forged Steel Bars manufacturers and suppliers, supplied with round rods,square/flat bars,rollers,shafts,blocks and forging pieces.

ISO9001:2008 Quality Control

Fuhong firmly believe that “quality is produced, not inspected”,we have established a set of stable and effective quality management system which are carried our strictly as per ISO9001: 2008 standard.Our quality control system is involved in the whole processing from raw material to finished product.With quality management system improvement,it supports Fuhong to reduce actual costs, improve the qulity,and optimize services for our customers.

Fuhong totally understood the importance of maintaining strict and effective quality assurance system.Quality is not only the basis for Fuhong to creat values.but also the life for the Fuhong. It helps us to meet the the potential customer’s requirements,and keep Fuhong on much competitive advantage in the steel industry on higher level.Under continuous-improving quality assurance system, we are not just focusing on quality inspection for final products,but also pay much attention to the quality improvement and upgrading. In order to better control product quality,we are carrying out three steps:Before production quality control(BPQC),During production quality control(DPQC),and After production quality control(APQC).

One Stop Service Solution

Value Added,Result Driven,Customer Focus

Heat Treatment

Fuhong Steel offers various types of heat treatment solutions to achieve different hardness and mechanical properties as per customers’ requirements. We are able to offer the following heat treat services:

  • Quenching-Q
  • Normalizing-N
  • Tempering-T
  • Annealing-A
  • Stress Relieving-SR
Rough turning

Surface Finish Processing

Fuhong provide a wide range of surface processing solutions to deliver steel material to our customers in various surface conditons as following:

  • Black
  • Rough turned
  • Peeled
  • Ground
  • Polished
  • Milled
  • Cold drawn

Material Cutting Service

Fuhong provide various cutting solutions for the material as per customer’s requirements

  • Ends cutting:0ne to two ends cutting
  • Sides cutting:one to four sides cutting
  • Sizes cutting:cut length as per customer’s requirements
  • Sample cutting: cut material sample for customer testing

Cutting capability:
Flat/Square/Block:Within T750*W2300*L13000mm