S355J2G3 Mechanical Property

S355J2 forged round bar

S355J2G3N is a low carbon structural steel grade often used for application which require better mechanical properties than that of S275 and S235 grade. It is generally supplied in a normalized condition which is widely used in engineering and construction industries.

Fuhong steel have tested S355J2G3N mechanical property in the lab according to customer’s requirements.

Details for this test as below

1.Chemical Composition

Grade C Si Mn P S
S355J2G3 ≤ 0.22 ≤0.55 ≤1.6 ≤ 0.035 ≤ 0.035

2.Production Process

Hot Forging==>Normalizing==>Rough turning

3.Heat Treatment 

S355J2G3N NormalizingS355J2G3 Normalizing Diagram


4.Mechanical Property Requirement

Rm:450-600 Mpa    Re: ≥275 Mpa    A: ≥17%      KV(-20℃): ≥27J    Hardness: 152-179HB

5.Testing Data

Size, mm Tensile, Mpa Yield, Mpa Elongation, % Reduction, % Charpy Impact, J Hardness, HB Sample location
Φ330 527 317 27.5 52 -20℃,28/29/35 159/153/152 80mm,Transverse
Φ350 545 318 26 54 -20℃,33/30/27 183/152/188 80mm,Transverse
Φ380 539 307 33 64 -20℃,36/33/23 151/150/179 80mm,Transverse
Φ410 510 309 34 73 -20℃,52/60;
133/143/136 1/3 Radius

6.Supply Size

Fuhong steel can supply S355J2G3  steels as below:

Forged round bar:Dia 140mm to Dia 1000mm.

For more information,pls contact our staff for details.