EN41B Nitriding Steel|41CrAlMo7-DIN 1.8509

EN41B Nitriding Steel manufacturers and suppliers,supplied with round rods,square/flat bars,rollers,shafts,blocks and forging pieces.

EN41B is defined as Cr-Mo-Al Nitriding steel as per BS 970 Standard.This material can obtain high wear resistance,good toughness and ductility after nitriding which can give a hard wear resistant case up to 68HRC. After hardened and tempered,EN41B has a tensile strength of 700-850MPa in R condition,and 775-925MPa in S condition.  Typical applications for this steel are connecting rods, small extruders, valve stems, injection moulding equipment, hydraulic cylinders, gears, pinions, etc.

EN41B forged round bar

1.Chemical Composition

EN41B0.35-0.450.1-0.45≤ 0.65≤ 0.05≤ 0.051.4-1.80.1-0.250.9-1.3

2.Related Specifications


3.Heat Treatment & Mechanical Property

  • Normalizing:  930 – 970°C,Cooling in air
  • Annealing:840 – 870°C,Cooling in furnace
  • Hardening:880 – 910°C,oil quench
  • Tempering:550 – 720°C,Cooling in air

EN41B Tempering temperature Vs Hardness

Tempering Temperature,℃150200300400500550600650

EN41B Mechanical Property With Quenching and Tempering condition

Tensile Strength,MpaYield Strength,MpaElongation,%Charpy Impact, JBrinell Hardness,HB
RMin 695Min 525Min 20Min 40201-255
SMin 772Min 587Min 19Min 40223-277
TMin 850Min 680Min 17Min 35248-302

4.Supply Size & Condition

Form of SupplySize(mm)
Round barΦ16-Φ500
Square barThinkness:Max 500
Flat bar/BlcoksThickness :120-500

Heat treatment:Normalized / Annealed
Surface finish:Black / Rough turned / Peeled