17CrNiMo6/1.6587 Alloy Steel

17CrNiMo6/1.65827 Alloy Steel is is a heat treatable, low alloy steel containing nickel, chromium and molybdenum as per DIN Germany standard which is known for its toughness and capability of developing high strength in the heat treated condition while retaining good fatigue strength. 17CrNiMo6/1.6587 Alloy Steel is widely used in heavy duty Shafts, Gears, Axles, Spindles, Couplings, Pins etc.


Equivalent Grade Chemical Composition
Grade C% Si% Mn% Cr% Mo% Ni% P% S%
DIN 17CrNiMo6
0.15-0.2 ≤0.4 0.4-0.6 1.5-1.8 0.25-0.35 1.4-1.7 ≤0.025 ≤0.035
Shape Size(mm) Process Tolerance Length(mm)
Round Φ6-Φ50 Cold Drawn H11 3000-5800
Round Φ40-Φ300 Hot Rolled -0/+3mm 3000-10000
Round Φ120-Φ1000 Hot Forged -0/+3mm 3000-10000
Flat/Square/Block Thickness:120-800
Hot Forged -0/+3mm 500-6000

Heat Treatment
Normalizing For 17CrNiMo6/1.6587
1.Nominal normalizing temperature:840-890°C
2.Hold the temperature for several hours
3.Cooling in the air

Annealing  For 17CrNiMo6/1.6587
1.Nominal Annealing temperature:630-650°C
2.Cool slowly in the furance
3.Maximum Brinell hardness of 229

Hardening and Tempering(QT)  For 17CrNiMo6/1.6587
1.Nominal Hardening temperature:830-865°C
2.Hold at this temperature then quench in oil
3.Tempering  as soon as possible when the temperature low to ambient temperature
4.Heat the steel carefully to a suitable temperature selected by reference to a tempering chart or table
5.The usual tempering temperature is 600°C which depending on the actual requirements
6..keep the material out of the furnace ,then cool in the air

Mechanical Property( for reference only)
1.Tensile strength: 980-1270MPa
2.Yield point: 780MPa
3.Percentage reduction of area after fracture: 40%
4.Elongation after fracture: 11%
5.Impact test (+20°C):  Longitud – 45~50J

Delivery Condition
1.Shape:Round/Square / Flat/Shafts/Rollers/Blocks
2.Surface condition:Black surface/Bright surface
3.Heat Treatment:Normalized/Annealed/QT
4.Straightness:Max 3mm/m(Enhanced straightness may be available on request)
5.Length:3000-5800mm suitable for 20″container.  above 6000mm,suitable for 40″ container
6.Grain Size: 5-8 acc to ASTM E112-96
7.Typcial Hardness:HRC28-32
8.Ultrasonic Standard: Sep1921/ASTM A388/EN 10228-3
9.Non Metallic Inclusion: 2 max acc to ASTM E45 /K4≤20 acc to DIN 50602
10.Forging Ratio: minimum 4 : 1
11.Marking: Grade/Weight/Length/Size/Heat Number

Quality Certification
A material test report(Inspection Certificate EN 10204 3.1) will be provided, documenting the following:
1.Chemical analysis
2.Mechanical properties
3.Surface hardness
4.Non Metallic Inclusion
5.Heat Treatment Process
6.Grain size
7.Forging ratio
8.NDE test method/criteria

17CrNiMo6/1.6587 Alloy Steel  manufacturers and suppliers, supplied with round rods,square/flat bars,rollers,shafts,blocks and forging pieces.