Tool Steel
P20 forged steel

DIN 1.2311Steel |40CrMnMo7 | P20 Round bar

DIN 1.2311 Tool Steel is a low alloyed steel  with 2.0% Cr ,0.15%Mo as per DIN standard.As plastic mold tool steel, it has good toughness,wear resistance after Nitriding. It is mostly used in the hardened and tempered condition with hardness 285-320 HBW.Typical application for this steel are:For large injection and compression molds, Blow molds,die holder, backers and Structural components, shafts,etc. 1.DIN 1.2311 s
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DIN 1.2714 Round bar

DIN 1.2714 Hot Work Tool Steel|56NiCrMoV7|L6|SKT4

DIN 1.2714 Steel is defined as Hot work Tool Steel as per DIN 17350 Germany standard( replaced by EN ISO 4957).With Min 1.0%Cr-0.45%Mo-1.5%Ni-0.07%V  alloy elements, it have high strength,high hardness and high wear-resistance.Due to its good performace, it is mainly used for forging dies,punches,plastic molds,and die holders etc. DIN 1.2714 is generally supply in hardened, quenched & tempered condition(Hardness:
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